Iskra Mihaylova


Chair of Committe on Regional Development REGI



My name is Iskra Mihaylova.

I am an Orthodox Christian and I was raised in a family who taught me Christian values, personal responsibility and human empathy.
I am fortunate to be a wife and a mother, and I am proud of my family.

My life so far has offered me plenty of opportunities to travel, friendships I cherish deeply, small successes, some disappointments, friendly support and possibilities for gaining knowledge and experience, all of which make me who I am.

As early as my student years, in the wonderful northern Saint Petersburg, back then known as Leningrad, I learned an important lesson – a foreign culture is not an obstacle: getting to know it is a rare treasure. Learning more about other people’s traditions and customs can only make you more tolerant and wiser. To speak foreign languages, to get to know people from different nationalities, cultures and religions is the most valuable and pleasant way to broaden your horizons and enrich your background knowledge.

This experience I gained during my early university years and my convictions about it were reinforced anywhere I went around the world, in all places I was fortunate enough to be able to study, work, communicate, express my opinions, or represent my country – in the EU Member States, Israel, the U.S., Georgia, China.

I firmly believe that it is precisely because of the differences in our faces, religions, traditions, customs and cultures that our world is so diverse and so beautiful. I thank all my friends from all parts of Europe and the world, who have given me the gift of friendship and who have made my tiny personal world a little larger.

Perhaps this is why I stand so firmly behind the idea of the European Union – this confluence of differences in the name of prosperity and development. And this is why I am a defender of the free movement of people and I support all common EU initiatives and exchange and cooperation programmes.

To me, education is a great value. The right to education is a right of all human beings that allows them to choose their future, to create and to change things for the better.

I support all objectives of the EU in the field of education, science and innovations because I believe that this is the only way in which we can guarantee the future of our states and of the entire European Union.

For years I worked for the implementation of the EU regional cohesion policy in Bulgaria. I am convinced that our country has benefited greatly from it, that it has a future here and that the realization of its significance for our state and for Europe in general is still ahead of us, as well as the accretion of solid knowledge of the effects of the cohesion policy. To be the chairperson of the EU Regional Development Committee is a great honour and a great challenge for me. I would like to thank all people with whom I have been honoured to work as an expert, as a Deputy Minister, as a Member of Parliament and as a Minister. I will continue to rely on their professionalism in the years to come.

I believe in the power of free entrepreneurship and I know that every person would rather work and earn his living proudly than depend on social benefits and charity. That is why I have always worked for and sought support from the people who elected me to represent them. I thank all my friends from the Pazardzhik constituency who have put their trust in my hands, and to all those who supported me and made me a Member of the European Parliament. Free initiative is part of the freedom of the modern person. I know that there are still unexplored entrepreneurial opportunities for the Bulgarian citizens and that with the help of the competitive EU structural and investment funds these may be used.

Last but not least, I believe in the sustainable development of Europe, in the environment-friendly technologies, in green investments and ecological culture, which will naturally lead to further growth based on the protection of our planet and the efficient use of its resources.
Nature has been generous to the land of my native Bulgaria. I know that it is within our powers to save our nature and to ensure prosperity and development. We only have to learn how to do it.

May God give us strength!







Ms. Mihaylova has participated in numerous international forums as a lecturer and as an official representative of Bulgaria in her capacity of expert, Deputy Minister, Member of Parliament, and Minister in EU Member States, the U.S., Israel, China, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, and Azerbaijan.




On October 10, 2017. Mrs. Iskra Mihaylova co-chairs with Mr. Oswald the joint meeting of the Committee on Regional Development and the Commission for Territorial Cohesion and the Budget of the European Union within the 15th European Week of Regions and Cities that takes place in Brussels for the period 09- October 12, 2017 Ms. Iskra Mihaylova stressed that we should strive for a proactive and effective cohesion policy aimed at European citizens, which means a stronger partnership for sustainable cities and regions, better cross-border links, flexibility to meet new challenges, innovative solutions to promote competitiveness and economic growth, to facilitate access to finance and the implementation of projects for all actors.
On 9 October 2017, Ms Iskra Mihaylova, Chair of the Regional Development Committee, took part in the official opening of the European Week of Regions and Cities together with Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Kretsch and Committee of the Regions President Karl Heinz Lambertz. The opening ceremony was held in the European Parliament's plenary session in Brussels. The debate focuses on the construction of sustainable cities and regions and how they could be the carriers of change.
On 11.05.2017 was held conference "Results and best practice examples from EFSI implementation"
On 04.12.2016 in city of Sofia MEP Iskra Mihaylova will held an exhibition "Liberals parties part from of the group of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in European Parliament
On 03.12.2016 in city of Velingrad MEP Iskra Mihaylova will held an exhibition "Liberals parties part from of the group of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in European Parliament
On 26.11.2016 MEP Iskra Mihaylova with mr. Halil Halifov held an exhibition "Liberals parties part of the group of Liberals and Democrats in European Parliament" in the building of the national library. The exhibition will be available till 02.12.2016
On 19.11.2016 MEP Iskra Mihaylova held exhibition in city of Tyrgovishte. The exhibition will be available till 25.11.2016
On 13.11.2015 was held a workshop, supported by ALDE Group and MEP Iskra Mihaylova "Fundamental human rights and freedoms across Bulgaria", Etropole, Bulgaria
On 14.11.2015 was held a workshop, supported by ALDE Group and MEP Iskra Mihaylova "Fundamental human rights and freedoms across Bulgaria", Pazardjik, Bulgaria
On 12.02.2016 was held a workshop with topic : "LIBERAL VALUES AND PRACTICES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN BULGARIA AND EUROPE" organized with the help of ALDE Group in European Parliament
On 08.11.2015 was held a workshop, supported by ALDE Group and MEP Iskra Mihaylova "Fundamental human rights and freedoms across Bulgaria", Ognynovo, Bulgaria
On 07.11.2015 was held a workshop, supported by ALDE Group and MEP Iskra Mihaylova "Fundamental human rights and freedoms across Bulgaria", Velingrad, Bulgaria
On 06.11.2015 was held a workshop, supported by ALDE Group and MEP Iskra Mihaylova "Fundamental human rights and freedoms across Bulgaria", Pazardjik, Bulgaria
From 13.07. till 17.07.2015 will be held exhibition in the European Parliament with the support of ms Iskra Mihaylova and ALDE Group "Diversity without borders" - photographs of mr.Vasil Garnizov
On 05.06.2015 mrs Iskra Mihaylova opens new office in city of Kazunluk
On 29.05.2015 Mrs. Iskra Mihaylova held conference "Cohesion policy 2014-2020 - Challenges and Prospects"
On 08.09.2015g. during the meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg Mrs. Iskra Mihailova held regular work meeting with the Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Kretsu. The meeting took place immediately after the end of the debate in plenary dedicated to the Cohesion Policy. During the meeting it was discussed and the "Mayor of the Year" and regions in 2016. The meeting was attended by the Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovachev.
EU budget crucial to encouraging investment.Cohesion policy has been identified as one of the most effective instruments in financially supporting the Europe 2020 strategy. These instruments have become increasingly important following the 2007 financial crisis, remaining a vital source of public investment across Europe. Maximising available resources is of the utmost importance in delivering economic growth. In many countries, cohesion funding represents more than 60 per cent of the investment budget.
On May 8, the Information Bureau of the European Parliament and the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria organized the celebration of Europe Day - 9 May with a discussion on "EU as the most successful peace project." It was attended by Mrs. Iskra Mihaylova (ALDE) and others. MEPs.
13.10., Iskra Mihaylova participated in the joint REGI-COTER meeting with the participation of the Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu. She underlined that the REGI Committee encourages the development of a European integrated urban agenda and underlines the need to further strengthen urban dimension in European policy making framework. We have already had also a fruitful cooperation with the Committee of the Regions on this matter. It is important now to further join forces and to work together on this initiative, in order to accelerate the successful setting up and implementation of an EU Urban Agenda.
On 26.02. of the following session of the Committee on Regional Development in the EP, chaired by Mrs. Iskra Mihailova, attended by Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of the Municipality Burgas, who presented the Bulgarian experience in absorbing EU funds impact of projects implemented under the Cohesion policy for the population of the municipality of Burgas. Mr. Nikolov expressed the viewpoint of Burgas on proposals by the European Commission European agenda / EU Urban Agenda /. He pointed out that the urban dimension in European policies, there is a long time and this dimension is proving to be the most important part in the quest for cohesion and development. Proof of this is precisely the European financial instruments to support, in which cities are the most active role and tangible results. The development of a European agenda for cities is a natural step towards the creation of a strategic framework for the implementation of major European policies. The added value of such agenda is primarily in overcoming th
On Wednesday, a High Level Working Dinner organised by Mrs Mihaylova will count with the presence of Commissioner Cretu, VP from European Investment Bank and European Court of Auditors, Committee of the Regions and other institutions including Project Management Institute. The aim is to discuss the concrete steps of simplifying cohesion policy and make it more result oriented. #EUcohesionpolicy
On 05-06.12.2014 in Ognyanovo, Bulgaria was held a Seminar of Mrs.Iskra Mihaylova with topic: “Successful business for young entrepreneurs, by application of liberal and democratic practices.Increasing youth employment in the region of Godce Delchev”
On 29.05.2015 Mrs. Iskra Mihaylova held seminar " Local authorities role for creation the liberal model "More Europe" for development
On 28-29.11.2014 Mrs.Iskra Mihaylova held seminar "“Affirmation of liberal values as a basis for democratic development of modern Europe. ALDE for sustainable development and growth of cities and regions in the European Union” in Pravec, Bulgaria
On 19 and 20 of November the group from region of Stara Zagora visited European parliament invited by the MEP from the ALDE Group Iskra Mihaylova.
20-23.11.2014 Reclaiming Liberalism : ALDE Party Congress 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
Mrs. Iskra Mihailova participated in the 35th Congress of the Alliance of Liberals, which was held in Lisbon, Portugal on 20-23.11.2014
On 04-05.11.2014г Mrs. Iskra Mihaylova welcomed a group of 30 young people from the region of Pazardzhik in the European Parliament. They had the opportunity to learn about the work of Parliament and Member of the European Parliament Iskra Mihaylova
On 07-08.11.2014 Mrs.Iskra Mihaylova held seminar "Application of the liberal platform for development of the business of the European regions - Route for sustainable development of small and middle business in Bulgarian municipalities" for the representat



Совет ЕС: Эстония поделится с Болгарией ценным опытом 02. 06. 2017

Мы продолжаем исследовать тему будущего председательства Эстонии в Совете ЕС, и если в прошлом сюжете мы знакомились с нынешним, а также одним из предыдущих председателей Совета ЕС, то теперь посмотрим на тех, кто будет председательствовать после нас.

С двумя следующими странами – Болгарией и Австрией – Эстония образует своеобразное трио. Что это значит, узнаем из брюссельского сюжета нашего корреспондента Михаила Малкина.


Iskra Mihaylova
Chair of Committee on Regional Development REGI
European Parliament
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